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Refresh Your Flooring with Hardwood Refinishing in Sherman Oaks, CA

Your hardwood flooring is a point of pride in your home. Since it imparts a natural and majestic ambiance, you want to get the most out of your investment. Count on Fashion Flooring America to help your flooring retain its new and pristine appearance. We facilitate hardwood refinishing in Sherman Oaks, CA, as well as the surrounding area.

Thanks to our extensive training, experience, and commitment to total customer satisfaction, your flooring is in good hands. As your source for solid hardwood and engineered hardwood planks, we understand what the beauty, strength, and lasting appeal of these flooring materials mean to homeowners. To that end, we utilize our knowledge and skill to ensure your flooring looks and performs as intended.

The Advantages of Hardwood Refinishing

Hardwood flooring has a longstanding reputation for its unmistakable aesthetic appeal and lasting longevity. Its dense composition, impact resistance, and ability to repel water and most stains make it a top choice amongst homeowners.

Of course, solid hardwood and engineered hardwood are subject to wear and tear, much like any other flooring. Everyday foot traffic and the occasional hard fall or scuff will ultimately take its toll on wood surfaces. Scratches, pitting, and a dull finish can make any room with hardwood appear well-worn and in need of a renovation.

However, there is no need to commit to a full-blown remodeling project every time your hardwood flooring is showing signs of age or heavy use. Instead, you can save time, money, and energy with our hardwood refinishing service. Refinishing and resurfacing your floor can:

Restore the New, Just-Installed Appearance of Flooring
Strengthen and Reinforce Hardwood’s Ability to Repel Water
Smooth out Rough or Well-Worn Surfaces
Uphold the Overall Value and Aesthetic Appeal of Your Property

How the Refinishing Process Works

To keep your hardwood flooring new and neat, we recommend refinishing your flooring every few years. Many factors, such as how much use a room gets, will determine how often you require this service.

Our trained and experienced technicians will strip the old finish from your hardwood. Then, they will sand down the top layer to ensure it is even, level, and free of imperfections. Finally, a new finish and sealing compound is applied to the bare surface, which will seal up pores and prevent water and stains from infiltrating your flooring.

Hardwood refinishing is also a great opportunity to consider some aesthetic changes. Stains and finishes are available in a variety of different styles, which can make the grain patterns of your existing flooring pop out. If you are planning to revise your interior design, then you might also want to consider resurfacing your flooring.

The Team You Can Trust

Count on our technicians to refinish your hardwood floor. Thanks to our training, experience, and use of quality materials revitalizing the appearance and functionality of your flooring will be simple and stress-free. We’ll work according to your schedule, so you can fall in love with your flooring as quickly as possible. Whether you are refinishing a single room or your entire home, we’ll work hard to deliver picture-perfect results.

Contact us to request a consultation for hardwood refinishing services. We proudly serve property owners throughout Sherman Oaks, CA, including Studio City, Valley Village, North Hollywood, Hollywood, and the surrounding communities.

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